Madison Cawthorn’s College Experience

Photo of the entire college, from

An Introduction: What’s PHC Like?

In terms of size, PHC classes usually start around 100, and diminish over time as students run into financial issues or other problems, ending up with about 55 graduating. So there’s about 300 students enrolled at any given time. Everybody knows everybody.

What did Cawthorn do at PHC?

Cawthorn arrived in fall 2016 as the ringleader of a cohort of, let’s be honest, rich kids. PHC administration had realized that most students drop out for financial reasons, and began recruiting from a wealthier pool. Parts of the school that depended on student workers -like the dining hall and custodial team- found themselves severely short-staffed.

The rightmost three men in the image are Micah Bock, Blake Harp, and Madison Cawthorn.

“little blonde slutty American girl”

He slid his hand up a woman’s skirt in public.

“Girls like that stuff.”

He was briefly engaged to a fellow student. Friends were worried about her. She has declined to talk to the press about her experience.

“Shut up, woman!”

He initiated unwanted conversations about the races of people’s previous partners, and said in front of multiple fellow students:

“Which race of girls gives the best blowjobs? White girls are the worst, Black girls are second, Asian girls are the best.”

A fellow student of Cawthorn’s told me that in that US History class where the professor tries to help students realize that slavery was actually bad, Cawthorn commented:

“If I had owned slaves and they had tried to escape I would have killed them.”

Cawthorn himself states that he scored a D average in his time at PHC. A student in one of his classes told me that he rarely showed up, and never completed the required class papers.

What does the PHC community think of Madison Cawthorn?

Over 150 PHC students, former students, and alum signed a scathing open letter about Madison Cawthorn.


Cawthorn is currently up for re-election. Please consider financially supporting one of his opponents.



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